How about some Good News for a change?

What I've found most liberating, healing, exciting, and just honestly wonderful, more than anything else in all of my life, is my relationship with God through Jesus the Christ.  It's like being connected to where we all initially came from - another dimension. Christ, for me, was the missing element I didn't know I was searching for until I found it.


I was taught about Jesus as a child, but I was drawn to Christ through someone telling me about God's unconditional love and acceptance of me. That made me wonder about God and want to know God.


You may be someone who is looking for answers - including about yourself - that you can't find in society.  You may be someone who wants a place to go where you are accepted as the wonderful Being that you are, or you may be someone who does not believe you are a wonderful Being....  If you would like someone to lean on, and who you can trust, or if you need someone who can give sure direction for every aspect of life....  If you are someone who likes challenge (or not), loves to grow, has curiosity about life, living, loving, our universe, and most other things, I have good news for you!  His name is Jesus!  Jesus is the answer to life's dillemas, and to any quest for personal fulfillment and purpose.


You can come to know Him as I did.  Lost and mired in a world that felt like it was sucking the life out of me, I turned to God and asked for HELP.  PLEASE HELP!  I admitted my mistakes, wrong doing, and need for healing.  I asked, that if indeed God was real, to please come into my life.  In exchange I promised to submit my life to God, meaning to let God in all areas of my life, and to do all I could to know, and obey God. I confessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died and rose again for my freedom from sin. I got what I asked for.  I am so thankful. If you haven't already, try Jesus. If you once began that journey, but life got in the way and sidetracked you, come back and commit again, you won't reqret it. The Good News is that Jesus Christ makes all the difference in life and living.  Please let me know when you accept Christ as your Savior.  I am praying for you, always.


Because of Christ,


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